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An index of publications, dedicated to musical instruments.

The above links provide indexes only. If you would like to have the articles or back issues themselves, you will need to contact the publisher.

The Galpin Society has its own web site. It has also an index (from which I have borrowed its layout) and a subscription form for membership.

FoMRHI the Fellowship of Makers and Researchers of Historical Instruments started in October 1975 with its first Bulletin and Communications (articles). After the retirement of the Founding Fathers Jeremy Montagu (Honorary Secretary) and Ephraim Segerman (Honorary Editor) in July 2000 with the 100th FoMRHI Quarterly and in total 1726 Communications, the Quarterly rapidly declined under a new Secretary and Editor and stopped completely (without any announcement at all) after the combined 107-108 Quarterly in July 2002. A pity! But FoMRHI wasn't dead, it was only in hibernation! In July 2008 Chris Goodwin (the secretary of the Lute Society sent out an information to all known members that he intended to revive FoMRHI after 6 years of silence. The plan was to publish one or two issues of the Quarterly with material still available, and he was looking for new publications. If you are interested to join, contact Chris Goodwin at his email address . FoMRHI is still healthy and is up to Quarterly 155 issued October 2021. Look for more information at FoMRHI's web site .

FoMRHI is an informal publication with membership distribution only. It used to be difficult to find copies of the Quarterly and the articles (called Communications) in libraries. However, all previous Quarterlies have been scanned and can be freely downloaded in PDF format from FoMRHI's web site . Also non-members can download except for the most recent 4 issues. FoMRHI's web site has become a complete web site with all information, including the papers and indexes, in fact making my index obsolete. I recommend just to go to FoMRHI's web site .

Early Music is a quarterly magazine published by the Oxford University Press and more information can be found on its web site. I have discontinued its subscription as from January 2007; my main interests are in the instruments (especially woodwind) and Early Music has shifted more and more to (very) theoretical articles about many other aspects of music, which did not interest me really.

The Bouwbrief is a quarterly publication of the "Bouwerskontakt" of "Huismuziek, Vereniging voor Samenspel en Instrumentenbouw". The first "Bouwbrief" appeared in 1975 under editorship and initiative of the late Toon Moonen. 182 Bouwbrieven have appeared since at the time of this writing (October 2021) and the "Bouwerskontakt" is still an active organisation, with many "bouwgroepen" (chapters) dedicated to specific instruments, which join regularly to discuss all kind of aspects of their instruments. More information of the "Bouwerskontakt" is available under the menu item "Bouwers" of the "Huismuziek" web site, while more information including DVD's of the Bouwbrieven are available under the submenu "Bouwers"→ "Publicaties" (everything is in Dutch).

The Woodwind Quarterly started publications in May 1993 and its goal was, as written by its Editor Scott Hirsch in the first issue, "to provide information and sources that will result in a better livelihood for all of us", where "us" referred to "small shop [musical] instrument makers and repair technicians". At the time I had a subscription for issues 1 & 2 but then apparently did not renew. Recently (2022-04) I got a set of issues up to including #14. In this last issue the Editor announced that he had handed over the Editor's position to Lars Kirmser. However, I have been unable to trace any follow-up and indeed any more information of the current status or existence of the Woodwind Quarterly. The page numbering used is taken from the original editions; reprints (e.g. #1 reprint 1995) have different article order or page numbering.

If somebody has more information about The Woodwind Quarterly, I would be interested to hear about it.

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