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A lot of work still to be done, but a few lists are available in a preliminary state. Now watch it: these list are large files (~350 kbyte), so downloading may take some time.

The above links provide indexes only. If you would like to have the articles or back issues themselves, you will need to contact the publisher.

FMR was a bi-monthly magazine dedicated to art. It is of Italian origin and named after its creator and first and long time editor Franco Maria Ricci, but also appearing in English (the edition which I have and is indexed above). In 2004 it was taken over by the spa/ART'E group, so logically:-) after 127 issues it started again with issue 1 in June 2004. It produced another 33 issues and maybe another 10 so-called white issues and then ceased to exist in 2009.

My orginal index started with a single issue #3 and than a continuous subscription starting at issue #12. But recently I received the first 10 issues of FMR but in the Italian language and it appeared that the Italian issues were started 2 years before the English version and that in fact both versions are not synchronised.

From the Wiki page FMR_Magazine: in 2015 Ricci bought back the copyrights of FMR with the potential intent to resume publication. Following Ricci's passing away in September 2020, the project was taken up by his widow Laura Casalis. A "Numero Zero" was produced in late 2021, and the first full issue is expected in March 2022. Both were in fact issued. There will be 4 issues in a year and I am including the new issues (the English version) as they arrive. It is again a very interesting magazine and in Ricci's words, maybe indeed the most beautiful art magazine in the world . More info in the FMR shop but for reading that web site it certainly would be an advantage to have some knowledge of the Italian language, at least more than I have.

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